4 Easy Steps to Control Your Thoughts to Create the Life You Desire

Control-Your-ThoughtsYour life today is because of what you thought yesterday. If you want your tomorrow to be different, you must LEARN to control your thoughts.

Most people state not having what they want in life is their biggest frustration – yet they really do have exactly what they wished for based on their thought patterns.

Your mind is more potent that the most powerful man made computer today. Your mind is truly amazing. It processes EVERYTHING that goes into it, determines what’s important and what’s not, and then determines the outcome that is programmed into it – by you. It never fails; It will ALWAYS give you the result you programmed into it. For this reason, it is imperative that you learn to Control Your Thoughts.

Do you realize that the only difference between your success and that of say a Donald Trump or a Bill Gates is the way that they think?

Your thought patterns are based on everything you’ve been taught to believe since you were born. The good news is that these patterns can be changed – You can learn to control your thoughts.

Most people have no idea how to change their thought patterns. Here are 4 Easy Steps to Control Your Thoughts to Create the Life You Desire:

1. Become Conscious of Your Thoughts

Before you can change your thoughts – you need to know what you’re thinking. Are you fearful of losing your job? Are you always worrying that your marriage will end, or your teenager will get into trouble? Do you ask yourself why you always get stuck in traffic? Or why you are always running late? Are you always thinking of ways to juggle your bills or worried about how you will pay for this or that?

Realize that all of the above send out negative vibrations. If you really want to learn to control your thoughts, you need to accept the fact that your current life is the result of the above thought patterns.

2. Be Grateful for What You Have

You want to send out positive vibrations with happy thoughts. You do this by constantly being grateful for what you currently have in your life. It’s also important to show your gratitude to your loved ones.

Be thankful for the home you live in. Be thankful for the car you drive. Be thankful for the water you drink – the food you eat etc.

Tell your spouse “Thank You” for all the little things they do. Show them how much they are appreciated.

Tell your child that you are proud of their accomplishments.

3. Determine Exactly What You Want

Most people never take the time to decide what they want. Take some time and really think about this. If eructation or money was no problem – what would you be doing? Who would you be doing it with? Where would you live?

Create your fantasy life in your mind. Control your thoughts so you are constantly thinking of your fantasy life – and in time your subconscious will make it a reality.

Write down your goals and determine what actions are required to meet them. If you have no goals or aspirations in life and your thought patterns are rampant – You are allowing everyone else and everything else controls your life.

4. Practice Affirming and Visualizing Every Day

Affirm your goals every day. Visualize yourself living in your dream home, driving that new car etc. You need to add FEELING while stating your affirmations. You need to be passionate about achieving your goals. Feel the emotions you will feel when driving up to your new home. How will your decorate it? Enjoy it as if you already have it. The Power of Visualization has helped millions of people achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.