How Negative Emotions and Feelings can be Obstacles

Negative emotions and feelings are often obstacles in our life. Every day we are making choices. We have problems to solve and need to communicate effectively with others. If our emotions aren’t’ in check we might jump to the wrong conclusions.

You may be wondering exactly what an obstacle is. It’s a barrier – something that interferes or prevents the required action needed for us to progress. When we let our emotions and feelings control our reasoning.

You may not realize that you can control your feelings. It won’t come easy, it will take time, but the results are definitely worth it. The first step is realizing that most of our emotions are learned habits.

As young children we see how our parents and other around us respond to various situations. We note their emotions and feelings and link those emotions and feelings with the situation. For example we will often see people respond to anger with anger and resentment, thus we believe this is the correct response.

Many people are taught to hide their emotions – such as “Boys don’t cry”. Even though the emotions are buried; the thoughts and feelings still come into play when making decisions – even the most logical ones.

Emotions and feelings become large obstacles when we focus on them, and let them control our every move. Especially negative emotions like anger, depression, disappointment, discouragement, doubt, envy, fear, guilt, depression, resentment, shame, stress and worry.

Negative emotions zap us of energy. We can become entrapped in a sea of negativity. One complaint leads to another to another to yet another …

Negative feelings often lead to negative actions – how often have you said something you shouldn’t have out of anger? When you’re feeling negative your subconscious actually looks for other things to be negative about.

A good example of this a woman might say “My husband never takes out the trash”. Her friend will say “Yeah, I know the feeling, my husband never takes out the trash either and to top it off he will leave trash lying all over the house.” This can often become a competition of whom has the worst husband. Then when the husband gets home the wife is mad at him and he has no idea why.

If a person consistently thinks, imagines and talks negative, it destroys any positive work they may be trying to accomplish. The person will eventually become negative in all areas of life. Their energy will be drained. They will be unable to see the good in anything. They will believe they are doomed for failure. They will literally be drowning with negative feelings.

Just about any excuse we make for not doing something usually is based on negative emotions and feelings. You may be fearful of failing – or even succeeding. How would your family and friends treat you differently if you actually succeeded?

You may not want to disappoint the people you love. You may be discouraged because of things so called meaningful people have told you.

To live a happier and fuller life you need to let go of the negative emotions you’re carrying around and replace them with happy positive feelings.

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