The Importance of Relationships

From the second we are born we crave relationships.

We need to feel connected to other people.

We need to feel love and acceptance.

Naturally the first relationships we have are with our parents. We look to them care and nurture us. We learn so much from them – good and bad depending upon their beliefs and morals.

As we grow older we develop friendships – both platonic and romantic.

Many of us become parents ourselves.

We continue to learn from every person we develop a relationship with.

And then there are acquaintances – people we know. We might hang out with them some times, but their lives don’t really intertwine with ours. They’re usually not our first choice to go to dinner with. Their life struggles don’t personally affect us in any way.

We learn to share. We learn team-work. We develop likes and dislikes.

We tend to gravitate towards people we look up to. This could also be people we fear.

I always told my kids, “Be careful of who you hang out with, because you will develop some of their traits.”

It’s just human nature. I think that’s one of the reasons why it’s so easy for couples to finish each others sentences. The more time you spend with some one, the more like them you become.

I believe that the relationships we have with others determines our true character. Family and friends will be there in our times of struggle – strangers and acquaintances will scarcely be seen.

In the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” Clarence the Angel writes
“Remember, George: no man is a failure who has friends.”

With friends and people by our side we can accomplish anything.

It’s important that we build strong relationships with those we love. They are the ones that matter the most to us. We should always treat them as such. Never take them for granted.

Value the unique aspect of each individual. Can you imagine how boring life would be if we were all the same?

Treat everybody with respect. Accept people where they are. Allow them to make their own choices in life.

Remember you can’t change anyone but yourself so …

Concentrate on being the best person and the best friend you can be – and you’ll have no problem establishing and retaining real long lasting relationships.


  1. jeness says


    well it all started 2 years ago,when my husband got involved with mixit and got involved with a girl,from cape town,he claims it was only via email,sms and phone calls ,he had an obsession and then went into depression,he was also asked to leave his work at that time,i lost my house and cars through a business deal so i went through just a rough time,we never had any problems in our marriage before that and have been together 17 years married 11years ,we separated and the after 6 months got
    back together,but its as he has no love left for me,he wont hold me tell me
    nice things or even have sex with me ,he claims he loves me and that we need to work on our relationship,i tried so many times to talk,but he is all closed up and never says anything,he goes out of his way is he has to do something for me and is a good man,i just feel empty and hurt,maybe i never got over it ,i don’t know but i want a loving relationship is there even hope for the problem me i need some help as it is killing me inside.